Kinsley’s Newborn Photography Session

Photographs like these make me wonder why newborn photography only became popular within the last few years.  While I feel so blessed to be able to capture stunning images for my clients of the first few days of their baby’s lives, every passing day makes me wish I had done the same for our children!

Beautiful little Kinsley Lynn was only 10 days old for her newborn session believe it or not.  This snuggly princess was born at an amazing 9lbs 14oz!  She’s going to be beautiful, just like her Momma and her big sister!

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Feature | Beyond The Wanderlust

As a newborn photographer, growth and education are important parts of the craft.  We are constantly evolving and learning.  One of my favorite, prominent photography blogs is a wealth of information where photography is concerned, and I love spending lazy afternoons flipping through the gorgeous images featured on their website.

So, you can image how incredibly thrilled I was to find out that Grace and Jessica over at Beyond The Wanderlust featured one of my recent newborn sessions!  Sweet little Vincent’s Momma was over the moon to read about it, as was I!

Click to find the rest of Vincent’s newborn photographs, smiley face, and incredibly long eyelashes.

Portland Oregon Newborn Baby Photography

Sweet Baby Emory’s Newborn Session

While Christmas isn’t quite on everyone’s mind yet with Thanksgiving just around the corner, I simply could not help myself.  One of my fantastic vendors sent me this amazing little set.  I LOVE how it turned out on sweet little Emory.  This 10-days-new princess was so amazing for her session!  I never even saw the whites of her eyes.

Portland Newborn Photographer

A Case Of The Mondays

As I open up my email and sip my coffee, I set down my cup and stare at it for a moment.  When exactly did I need multiple cups to get going?  It is like all of a sudden my get up and go got up and left.  Despite polishing off my second cup before 10am, this newborn image describes how I am still feeling.  Shall I have another?

Portland Newborn Photographer

Laughter Is The Best Medicine

I have the best time with my clients.  Getting to know every single one of them absolutely makes my heart sing.  I always said that the day my job started feeling like work would be the day I hung up my camera straps.  I can’t think of a single senior session that didn’t involve a fit of laughter.

We don’t laugh because we’re happy – we’re happy because we laugh.

–William James

Portland Senior Portrait Photographer