This is the number of days before our baby turns two. I find myself trying to memorize these tiny, chubby little hands, his sweet feet and the way he pokes his belly button and says “beep beep”. The way he laughs hysterically when a puppy licks his face and how he smiles and tilts his head at me when he knows he’s in trouble. This Momma’s (and photographers) heart is so sad and happy right now. So many conflicting emotions for a beautiful Monday morning!

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I feel so fortunate to be a parent to three amazing kiddos, and this stunning Momma just joined the club. I photographed her sweet newborn baby boy just 12 days after he came into this world. Doesn’t she just look absolutely in love? I loved that feeling. I still love that feeling. I get it whenever our almost two-year-old hugs me around the neck, when our almost seven-year-old climbs into my lap and when our ten-year-old grabs my hand and squeezes it when we’re out for a walk. Love is such an amazing thing, and I get to photograph it all for my fabulous clients.

Please tell someone today just how much you love them!

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This gorgeous Momma is due this week, so I thought it only fitting to share this special portrait. It’s funny, because when I presented her maternity photos to her, she was surprised because she told me she looked beautiful, and being close to the end of her pregnancy, she certainly didn’t feel that way. I reminded her that portraits are the way you are seen by the world, and that while she might not feel beautiful, she still is.

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