The Woods

I love these woods. I photograph so many of my clients in them and know the light there like the back of my own hand. (Ever wondered how many people could actually recall the back of their own hand? I think about it every single time I utter the phrase.)

This sweet Momma and I took a trip through the woods for her maternity pictures and this was the end result. I absolutely, positively love this portrait. Mom is laughing at me (because I am just the funniest person you’ll ever meet), the light was streaming through the trees behind her, and I was busy falling off of the log I was standing on.

Yep. Really.

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A few months ago, I put out a call for expecting Mommas to model for a concept maternity session for me. I had hundreds of replies and this woman’s story just seemed to stick with me. The baby she is carrying isn’t her own. While already a mother herself, she is carrying a child for another wonderful family.

I was absolutely blown away and knew that I had to meet her. Sure enough, when we got together we were fast friends and had such a blast. I love it when my photography clients turn into my friends, and anticipate several lunches at Rice Time for us in the near future.

You’re amazing, Carin!

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Most of my young life involved my Mother. We lived in a pretty traditional household (for the time I was living in anyhow) and Dad worked while Mom stayed home and raised all four of us. I find however, that the more time I spend working as a professional photographer, the more I am able to see how amazing the bond between Dad and his Littles is.

Our kids come to me for comfort for certain things, but there are times where only Dad’s loving arms will do. Do you see the smile on this kiddos face? From the time they are itty bitty newborns being placed into their Papa’s loving arms until the time I take their senior portraits, heading off to College, there’s nothing quite like a Father’s love.

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Welcome To The World, Jaxin!

Some days are hard. Days when I get to hang out with these sweet little newborns are easy. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I love being a newborn photographer. Our children are the absolute lights of our lives and every day it is harder and harder to remember them at this age. Our lives change so drastically when we become parents, remembering these small, sleepy moments becomes so much more important than we could ever imagine.

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Gorgeous Senior Session {Wilsonville, OR}

I spent a lovely fall afternoon with this sweet girl and her Momma. I absolutely love the landscape in the city where we live; it is so diverse and absolutely perfect for senior photography. Despite how warm it looks, it was actually quite a chilly day. Mom was waiting in the wings with a coat while I happily snapped away for this wonderful little lady’s photography session.

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