DIY Photography Props

Newborn Photography Prop Boa Basket Filler

So, I’m on this whole DIY kick.  You can blame my beautiful and incredibly talented photographer friend Heather over at Heather Lynn Photography for this recent obsession, because honestly, she started it.

You see, last week she was asking me for help trying to buy some new photography props for her wee little newborn clients, so we were flipping through Etsy.  Now, being the person that I am, I’d just as soon make something myself than pay someone else to make it for me.  There are of course exceptions to that, but they are far and few between.

In any event, I came across a few pretty awesome newborn basket filler boas that I decided I wanted to replicate and sure enough, I did.  I should mention that after getting my second ball of yarn in a knot, it took me twice as long as it should have and eventually I got so frustrated that I just snapped the end off the yarn and let a dead dog lie.

Then, wouldn’t you know it I got a bee in my bonnet about blankets.  As many of you might know, my husband and I are expecting our third child at the end of next month so I am pretty confident that I’ve entered into some kind of odd nesting phase that will soon involve actually buying stock in Joann and Michaels or simply setting up camp there.

DIY Photography Prop Blanket Basket Filler

The yarn for this beautiful piece (which was hand crocheted – nothing fancy) was picked out by our oldest, who despite being quite the tomboy seems to enjoy our outings to the craft store.

Looking at this blanket makes me want to take a nap in it.  Then again, that could be the fatigue from this whole baby cooking thing.  This blanket is soooooo soft and warm and snugly that I picked up a truckload of yarn this past weekend because you’d better believe I am going to be making more of them.  If you’re into the whole photography thing and are looking for some great props, I highly recommend trying your hand at crochet.

You might surprise yourself.  I know I did!

DIY Photography Prop Blanket Basket Filler Closeup