Emma & Kate

I posted the sneak peek from Kate’s newborn pictures last week and yesterday, I sent the images off to my brother-in-law. Honestly, of all of the them, this is my favorite. On my side of the family, all of my siblings are younger than me and I am the only one who is married with kids (yet). On my husband’s side, most of his siblings are married with children, so I get to be an Auntie!

I have three nieces, but only these two live nearby, and they are still a one hour drive! I absolutely adore seeing siblings love on each other. There is something so pure about it and I get to capture beautiful photographs like this one.

Of course, this is before they grow up and start fighting non-stop, as it seems our girls do. All those years ago when my Mother told me that I would “get it” when I had kids of my own?  Yep.  Pretty much.

Portland Baby Pictures Veronica Gillas Photography

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