{New Vendor} Monkeyrama!

The power of the connections we make with other people continues to leave me awestruck on a very regular basis!  Seeing as it had been 5 years since we had a child in diapers in our house, I felt the need to join an online community of Moms who were due around the same time as I am with our third.  I got to talking with one Mom who not only ended up being only a few hours away from me but also had an incredible talent with a crochet hook!  She made this adorable little hat for me, which I might just keep for myself now instead of using it as a photography prop!

Knobby Noggin Newborn Hat


Sometimes, I get really, really excited about little things.   This tiny little newborn cap just happens to be one of them.  My amazing friend Monique at Monkeyrama made this adorable Knobby Noggin Newsboy Cap for me as a photography prop, but there’s a 110% chance I am going to have to order a new one because I’ve decided that our newest addition will be leaving the hospital in this one!

While I didn’t have a newborn in close proximity to model this cute cap, our youngest daughter very graciously offered up one of her “babies” to be my model.

Newborn Knobby Noggin On A Doll

If you’d like your own custom designed Knobby Noggin hat, head on over to the Monkeyrama page.  Keep your eyes peeled for a newborn session featuring this cozy little number, too!

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