Santa is coming to the studio!

Ya’ll, I’ve got a little secret to share. You know that tiny little holiday season that’s right-around-the-corner-that-you-probably-haven’t-started-thinking-about-yet-because-what-on-earth-Veronica-it-isn’t-even-Halloween-let-alone-Thanksgiving-yet-are-you-out-of-your-mind?

Yep, that one.

Well, we’re about to make THAT Holiday much sweeter and a whole lot brighter. This, my friends, is the year that you decided not to wait in a long line at the shopping center to see the big man in red. This, you smart cookie you, is the year that you decided to have a nice, relaxing place for your mini me to enjoy the company of Santa himself. This, you savvy client, is the year you decided to come on down to the studio, sit by a roaring fire, indulge in some sweet treats and sit back and relax while your adorable little kiddos whisper into Santa’s ear about everything they’ve been hoping and wishing for.

Skip the lines, skip the hassle and join us for the ultimate Santa Experience¬†at our downtown Portland loft location this year. Make an appointment, swing on by, and let the only thing you worry about this year be what you’re getting your in-laws.

Clickity click on this link right here if you’re coming to visit Santa with us on Saturday, December 5th! Invitations were sent to our existing clients in advance, so there are a limited number of spots remaining. Hurry on over and get on the list!

Santa Sessions 2015 Portland Family Photographer

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